fall avenue







In this year I can see fall view,
the color is changing in the main street.
You were walking turning, turning back
Then who did you see in the fall view?
#1 As the rolling stone our season has gone
We couldn’t see for long time
So now all we can see turn white
There will be a time I’ll call you.

#2 fall avenue the town where I met you has never changed for long
and it shining now as if you were walking around me
There may be no way but I will wait for your return
Yes I’m now alone so take my hands right now

Calling you falling you falling you where can I meet you now
Falling in you falling in you Is there any way I can?

Someday I will see you by chance but that time you are with someone I don’t know
Anfd our love will turn a good memory Yes I know it’s the end

#1 repeat
#2 repeat

これもまた、かなり初期の作品になります。 最初に作った時は日本語で歌詞が書かれていましたが、英語になりました。これはそのバージョンです。

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